CASTLE RESORT/ young architects competitions
Common ground

We imagine a place with a value of cultural significance becoming an attractor point by establishing itself as a stage.
We create a centre where the immense panorama becomes, once more, a hospitable place.
We treat the site’s viewing experience as a design aspect to render the importance of the fortress’s value. Occupying the location per se contains an essential aesthetic approach. It leaves the location unbuilt, a true resource, and unfolds hovering horizontally while providing a place of enclosure and gathering, a space for reflection and contemplation of the exterior.
We get swept away by the charm of this abandoned fortress thus leaving it internally almost untouchable.
We intensify its image and historic value by surrounding it with compact volume along its limits which gives it character and makes it an architectural landmark.
We intend to highlight the experience of a resort as an panoptic access point to the discovery of the picturesque landscape.
We want to rebuild the idea of a common ground as here is written the story of the area itself, and thus the project has the responsibility by being a cultural object to magnifying its once strategic position and play a role as an instrument in comprehension and the enhancement of the territory.