International Architectural competition for an extension between the Alvar Aalto museum and the Museum of central Finland (Proposal Two)
with Borys Kozłowski

The insertion between significant museums, presented the difficulty in building an extension mainly perceived as purely utilitarian. In defining the new gateway and in admitting its completive as well as complementary part, one realises its unique role. Being a connector and, at the same time, a place of gathering, puts it into the context of public space. The question is, how one can realise such an endeavour beyond its purely functional use, and instead see it as contemplative and thus aesthetic?
Imagining a new transitional space meeting the flows, whose convergence as a not purely functional bridging, allows for a building, able to reflect the spaces it mediates between. In that sense, the space would contain an essential aesthetic approach. Between the two museums, we distinguished two types of relations: the light condition and the immediate interface relation to the external environment. Diffused light introduction from the top and a direct one from the side, as well the transparency degree of the respective vertical surfaces. The translation of these two types, to a spatial object is thus necessary to form a connection between these correlations, while having a symbolic and material connotation.
Deriving from the existing conditions of the spaces, where the brief suggests to intervene, we imagined an architecture fed by a design approach which is mainly revealing the intention to reverberate and reflect light and material qualities, through an arrangement as a part of two identities. Regarding the design of the extension, our main goal was to revolve between these notions in order to result in a gesture; a gesture that clearly stands out from the surrounding buildings and ensures the integration into an architecturally rich context, with the usage of the same range of materials. Through the use of such language, we then created a distinct place of transition and exchange. A perspective of design and lighting.