Granarolo, Bologna, Italië

The context of the socio-economic crisis, times of instability and the challenges and threats caused by growing pressures in urbanized areas, all lead to the scarcity of land and its high value. This context is then directly connected to the strong demand for buildings to fulfill housing, working and leisure needs. Existing approaches are now under re-consideration as they are no longer able to cope with our changing lifestyles and conditions, rendering the shift to alternative directions more necessary than ever before. The question is, which architectural approaches are able to provide holistic solutions in order to cope with this obscurity? Within this framework we search for strategies that successfully address the future modes of spatial development for meaningful transformations.
The shifting tendency in design practice for the renewal of a myriad of empty spaces, now currently disused industrial parks waiting for re-functionalisation and new purpose, is a valid step towards sustainable development. An emergent method towards the rehabilitation and reprogramming of disused factories.

The project - Quarto Inferiore - Bologna, Italy

The buildings high architectonic value, with unique features such as bright spaces and rich green areas, provide extraordinary peculiarities to this above average factory. However, it has a restricting relationship with the surrounding environment. Our proposal’s soft dismantling of the construction, such as the removal of the ground floor envelope and the plot’s division lines, alters and enhances the current condition. A synergy with the surrounding context shapes and gives structure to a lively space for culture, art and public relationships.
The transformation focuses on respectful spatial custom-tailoring, by inserting functions prescribed by the qualities of each space. Addressing the issue of temporary solutions, a flexible modular system of partitions contribute to a dynamic and equipped space. This contemporary project embodies the idea of a “communal” cultural center and provides local citizens and the wider public with a modern gathering point, resulting in an elegant and economically sustainable design.
Such a project accompanied by the proposal for the future headquarters of Bologna Football club will become a strategic intervention for the area. An extraordinary reference point for the whole territory that will bring Quarto Inferiore a whole new dimension of social and economical relationships.
Our aim is to create a center not FOR but OF the local and wider context.

goud floor

first floor

second floor