Housing Transformation in NL - IRIX experience

Housing Transformation in NL - IRIX experience

In the last ten years, we came across many Dutch traditional and not housing of various typologies that required transformation to accommodate the current needs of their new or older owners.

We find that process important from the point of how society changes simultaneously with its needs regarding spatial occupation and comfort. Furthermore, how this is reflected, in a remarkably refined and without any obstruction way we live.. where we live.

Some of the projects we will present are important for Dutch housing history. The preservation of the distinguished character of Dutch housing combined with the fast-transforming society makes those projects unique to us.

How the lifestyle is shaping and re-shaping the interior environment.
Housing transformations are the result of major demographic, and socio-economic changes, in addition to technological advancements, and socio-political interventions.

We are examining firsthand how the built environment derives from a variety of influences: structural, institutional, textual, and action-orientated.

When we work on a transformation we start with the history, research for the space we are transforming, and owners' input, how they envision their space, their routine, and lives.
Then two worlds are in charge of everything "quality" and "respect"

0001 -Rotterdam West, monument

build in : 1897
renovated : 2020-2021

Before : 1 appartment/ workshop  176m²
After: 2 appatments tottal 211m² 

0002 - Rotterdam Noord, momument

build in : 1901
renovated : 2022-2023

Before : 2 appartment and a shop 122m²
After: 2 appatments tottal 122m²

Level 00
0003 - Veghel
build in : 1973
renovated : 2022
Before : 1 house 130.9m²
After: 1 house 134.6m²

0004 - Schiedam

build in : 1850
renovated : 2022-2023
Before : 1 house, workshop and storage 412.6m²
After: 5 appartments tottal 407.6m²

0005.... #100