FIRST PRISE “COMMUNITY SOCIAL HOUSING AUTHORITIES TO ECO DESIGN” Axio, Thessaloniki, Greece. Architectural European Competition, Participation in the 7th Biennale Young Greek Architects
team: DUTH professor George Papagiannopoulos Dimitris Hristovasilis Eirini Xanthopoulou Ekaterina MIrizaki Nerini Mavroudi

The complex consists of 33 residences which share on equal terms the spatial qualities and the varieties of the open and closed spaces. The territory areas of each residence are ensured without the use of absolute architecture limits. The limit was thought of mostly as a starting point and less as an end of a spatial situation.
The choice of a wing as the basic synthetic tool favors, in terms of building, the harmonious relationship of the units, while at the same time the fragmentation of the shared open space that would result from the complete stereometric autonomy, is avoided.
The synthesis is based on the design of a mental «Γ» which protects the free space in the centre from North and West. The latter is delimited to the southeast with the angled positioning of the third wing, which, with its consistent reference towards the open space, defines the direction of the inside walkway which runs the synthesis from side to side
In the Northern side of the plot, an area of high plantation appears through the recession of the respective wing - a logical consecutive of the common space. It is a spacious “lawn”, a continuous green front along the respective road, which, due to urban planning importance, was evaluated as the main road axle of the area. The green front functions as a filter, since it gradually introduces us to the central common space through the outdoor configurations.