International Architectural competition for an extension between the Alvar Aalto museum and the Museum of central Finland (Proposal One)
with Borys Kozłowski

The extension exploits the language of insertion works, where the result is entirely dependent on the characteristic of the site and how the structure is inserted. Uncontentious sole means to intervene on such buildings.
Fulfilling the various functional requirements set out by the brief, this proposal investigates a spatial arrangement that seeks to define itself through being an “in-between” interior space that maintains the quality of its previous state.
The proposal includes a new sequence of levels which draws from the sections of the two adjacent buildings. This misalignment and dissonance between the floor plates, provides a new type of a zone which creates an added capacity to accommodate a variety of events. The new extension, consciously plays with, and subverts the accepted norms of how to treat the in between of distinguished buildings and the hidden potential therein. This intervention aims to create light and an airy space that allows for human interaction, a sort of a stage, while through a series of levels to form a carefully choreographed transition.
The design connects the two museums in a way that represents the high architectural level of the place, while adapting to its environment in a balanced way and finding a natural connection. It proposes a simple and easily readable building, developing a “discreet elegance”, creating an event, giving the light a certain rhythm and providing an overall impression of transition.
Our proposal transforms the outdoor space into a interior platform forming a transitional space and viewing terrace. The outside space in front of the shop can be used for display and leisure activities in order to activate the exterior, to make a positive contribution to the public activity, forming part of a wider renewal strategy.
A material palette of structural timber, insulating triple glazing, faced concrete, brickwork, steel fixtures and marble is proposed to recall on Alvar Aalto’s designs.