with Iraklis Romanopoulos to KHAPCHERANGA or Trance-mind-Siberian train

our moving days and nights

our house for 5 days

stop for food and beer

bar/restaurant/weird red and plastic + smoking area/panic room

small stops



Where the land is gold and the tree are silver.
Where the the people remember and hurt but always smiling.
Where the cows are friends.
Where the cold tingles but is beautiful.
Where the snow wakes smells and the dogs barking loudly.
Where the simple is beautiful and charming.
Where the Architects means nothing.
Where everyone is craftsman and farmers.
Where the houses don't have a plan but only words and gesticulating.
Where the flowers are dynamite which decorate the home.
The soup warm breaths and the ruins are increasing the beat of the breath frequency.
The soup is red.
The wine is sweet.
The tee religion, the reason to get lost.
When snows the cold convert to cotton.
And the returned is one kind of depart.
Where the branches become flowers like a magic once a time on the year.
Where have i ' золотой корень' --- they health everything,increases the pressure and charms the vodka.
Where have also Баярка -decreases the pressure we gather them and dry out after that we make a hot delicious red tee.
Where the apples are small as a bonsai even their name they are bigger than these -Ранетки, they make sweets and compote.
Where have Чемуха the evil and small red fruits in they hart they hide poison.
Where the flavors hide a passion , smells fascinate our soul, the people are friends and the village have the name of KHAPCHERANGA.

our home for two weeks

playground - in the center of the village

the heard of the village

old house that research in depth

old flooded mine the reason to exist this village

...and one day..

once upon a time..KHAPCHERANGA

mongolian architect working in that area