We are I R I X or
Irini Xanthopoulou
MSc of Architectural Engineering / Democritus University of Thrace.
Iraklis Romanopoulos
MSc of Architectural Engineering / Democritus University of Thrace.
MSc Architecture, Urbanism & Building Science / TU Delft

We are IRIX. Architectural office inspired by contemporary culture while adhering to the abiding principles of good design,
the inheritance of craftsmanship and the passion of our clients.
Irix is co-founded by Irini Xanthopoulou and Iraklis Romanopoulos. We are working across the fields of architecture, interiors and product design. registered Architects in Rotterdam, Netherlands and Athens, Greece. With master degrees in architecture and 10 years of experience in the field.
For us each project is born of the encounter between a person and a place, its history, and the desire to project itself there to live. We are focused on delivering value and quality at every stage of a project.
We believe in living fully and authentically, with meaning and intention. It is about embracing design in all forms, championing the big ideas as much as sweating the smallest details. It’s about working collaboratively and respectfully, enjoying the process as much as the outcome.
We use our creativity to reach for elegant solutions to complicated problems.